Het begon allemaal met het intikken van mijn naam in Google. En toen bleek er in de USA een zekere Mass Marrier te zitten die een website wijdde aan alle Michellen Ball in de wereld en daar stond ik ook bij. Hij schreef er vriendelijke dingen over mij, maar verwees helaas naar een verkeerde website. In die tijd volgde ik via mijn werk een cursus bloggen en is deze blog ontstaan.


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07 november 2010

Henry James' enthousiasm about certain linguistic properties

= Strether was to remember afterwards further that this had had for him the effect of forming Chad's almost sole intervention; and indeed he was to remember further still, in sebsequent meditation, many things that, as it were, fitted together. Another of them was for instance that the wonderful woman's overflow of surprise and amusement was wholly into French, which she struck him as speaking with an unprecedented command of idiomatic turns, but in which she got, as he might have said, somewhat away from him, taking all at once little brilliant jumps that he could but lamely match. The question of his own French had never come up for them; it was the one thing she wouldn't have permitted - it belonged, for a person who had been through much, to mere boredom; but the present result was odd, fairly veiling her identity, shifting her back into a mere voluble class or race to the intense audibility of which he was by this time inured. When she spoke the charming slightly strange English he best knew her by he seemed to feel her as a creature, among all the millions, with a language quite to herself, the real monopoly of a special shade of speech, beautifully easy for her, yet of a colour and a cadence that were both inimitable and matters of accident=

Henry James - The Ambassadors - First published 1903 - Published in Penguin Classics 2008 - page 421